Classes begin Fall 2019.

Right now at OMS

A Modern, User-Friendly Campus

After five months of intense construction and detailed design, the OMS building in United Arab Emirates has emerged as an aesthetically impressive and user-friendly campus that will serve students of multiple disciplines.

Boasting over 4,000 square meters, the three-story building is equipped with 32 classrooms, 14 computer labs, and 13 specialty labs to serve students' academic needs. The building also offers numerous recreation and service areas, such as a library, study rooms, lounge areas, a dining hall, coffee shop, prayer rooms, and fitness rooms.

Students and faculty can also utilize advanced technology such as smart boards, wi-fi access throughout the building, and well-equipped computer and STEM labs. With completion of the OMS building and environs, students will have a modern arena for learning and interacting in the 21st century.