Classes begin Fall 2019.


Empower yourself at OMS .

Become a creator, not just a consumer.

Oasis Modern School provides the people of United Arab Emirates with a high-quality, internationally-proven American education.

Founded and led by an experienced team of American educators, we empower our students to become creators, not just consumers. Our academic and professional programs lead to degrees from the associate through the baccalaureate, creating pathways to success.

Welcome New Students!

Orientation begins this fall

Once you arrive on-campus you will become part of a community where students and faculty make the most of every moment.  An atmosphere where ideas, events and exciting opportunities ensure a rich and satisfying college experience.

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Modern Design

OMS  campus design and technology


Student Success

Emiratis students thrive in America



New Student Orientation

Begins August 27

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Empower Yourself at OMS:


Increase in Middle Eastern
students transferring to
US Universities

Since 2000; Source: US News & World Report


Students from the Middle East are currently enrolled in
US universities

Source: IIE, 2016


Emiratis transfer students
are currently enrolled
in US universities

Source: IIE, 2016