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Requirements for New Student Admission:

  • Paid Application Fee at OMS Information and Admission Center (non-refundable)
  • 3 recent passport-sized photos of applicant
  • Photocopy of applicant ID
  • Copy of residency (required from non-Emiratis applicants)
  • Official High School transcript to date* 
  • Official authenticated document confirming Graduation from High School
  • For graduates of United Arab Emirates public schools: Authenticated copy of High School Diploma
  • For graduates of United Arab Emirates non-public schools: Authenticated copy of "United Arab Emirates Equivalency"from the Ministry of Education
  • Official ACT or SAT score (If taken)
  • Offical TOEFL or IELTS score (If taken)

Submit to:
United Arab Emirates

We will accept admission applications at any time (rolling admissions) but to be accepted in time to attend first semester 2019-2020 classes the deadline for submission of the completed application and all other required materials is: August 8, 2019.



Learn more about OMS and the opportunities we share together at our brand new campus.


About OMS

We’re building a world class faculty based right here in United Arab Emirates .  


Beyond OMS

Emiratis students who graduate from American programs enter a world of opportunity.

After OMS

FOUR things to know about OMS

#1 OMS Opens in Fall 2019

United Arab Emirates 's most modern campus

After years in development, Emiratis students now have a true American-style option right here in United Arab Emirates .


#2 Live the Full Experience

An Active Campus Life Makes a Difference.

The Oasis Modern School experience isn't just about attending classes and earning a degree. It's about connecting with your peers and making life-long friendships, experiences that help shape your future and career path


#3 The Leading Majors

We offer the most popular courses of study.

At OMS we bring students closer to fulfilling their goals with a variety of rigorous, accredited academic programs.


#4 Make Connections That Will Last a Lifetime

OMS Student Life Will Enhance your Future

OMS students will enjoy a full range of activities to enhance their education while helping create a robust college community.


Any  student who has graduated from an accredited high school may apply to Oasis Modern School .



Welcome New Students!

Orientation begins this fall

Once you arrive on-campus you will become part of a community where students and faculty make the most of every moment.  An atmosphere where ideas, events and exciting opportunities ensure a rich and satisfying college experience.

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OMS  campus design and technology


Student Success

Emiratis students thrive in America



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